Proteus WEAC - Complete Software Suite for all your Work Environment Data

Promineo has created a Software Suite called “Proteus WEAC”, covering the full spectrum of functionality required for effective handling of Work Environment Data, as well as reporting to authorities (to demonstrate NORSOK compliance).
It’s ability to visualize virtually any aspect of your WE-status directly on a rig’s plot-plans makes it a “must have” tool for sharing current WE-status internally in a company as well as with 3rdparty personnel onboard the rig(s).
Recent additions include seamless integration with any related data that exists within the corporate infrastructure, such as Work Permits or job card data (where information on hazardous operations and “hot work” may be deduced).
The package has been developed in very close cooperation with ConocoPhillips, with the ambition of becoming an industry standard for WEAC related work processes, including generation of activity reports.